white freight truck on road during daytime
white freight truck on road during daytime

Worldwide Road Transport

25 Year Old Service Provider In Road Transportation Field

Nazari Logistics Road



" Whole Europe & Asia, For all Trading Companies. export & Import services including customs and handling all the process for them from the start."

"Counseling about documentation & best way to deliver the cargo & goods to customers."


Transit & Freight

" Most of the time , cases are about the Freights and cargo transport, therefor our smooth service is always available our dear customers 24/7."

"As always we are responsible for your cargo and reporting is the most priority for our service."

a blue semi truck driving down a mountain road


Mass Project

"With help and management of our team, we were able to handle different kind of mass and big projects owned by governments , factories and companies."

"Each project will be handled partly & delivery will be with reported in arranged trucks. "