grayscale photography of passenger plane
grayscale photography of passenger plane

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Providing Air Frights as Forwarders Since 2022

Air Freight

" As Forwarders of freights, we were successful to open new door in Logistics for our client`s with Air Freights. since 2022 we have started providing air freights and its been a really good experience "

Our Service

" Air freight is a very smooth and usable service that used when client wants its goods in small period of time or the cargo is special and needs to be delivered through Air Freight "

Air Freights

" If your cargo is being shipped by express air, it will be placed on a direct flight to its final destination. The most expensive flying service is Express air. "

Air Services

"If your cargo is being shipped by regular air, it will most likely make stops at one or two airports, where it will either change planes or be loaded or unloaded with other cargo. The most popular aviation service is the standard air service."

Express Air Service

Standard Air Service

Deferred Air Service

"Your cargo will make many stops along the way to its final destination if it is shipped via deferred air service. Although this air service is less expensive than express air service, it is still more costly than shipping LCL (less than container load)"

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Air Freight

Why Using Air Freight ?

" Freight forwarders are part of the supply chain’s transportation logistics process, and their main role is to ensure that air shipments are managed in such a way that they are ready for delivery by aircraft operators.

Freight forwarders are not affiliated with any carriers. Finding and negotiating the best freight rates on behalf of their clients is an important element of their job "